Set Up For Success

Today we welcomed all students to the start of a new school year, with a focus on how each St Clare’s girl can set herself up for success in 2020.

The ‘Set Up For Success‘ program kicked off with an individual survey in which students evaluated their strengths across these areas:

  • Spiritual Life
  • Health
  • Family and Friends
  • Connecting with Community
  • Learning Habits
  • Personal Growth
  • Managing Money

Students could choose to attend three sessions, based on the areas they recognised that they may need some more support in. These sessions were designed by staff who have these particular strengths and interests.

There were over 25 workshops running for the Set Up For Success program, and here are a few highlights:

Some students enjoyed learning how to make healthy breakfasts that will give them the energy they need for the day ahead.

In another session, students learned how to manage their time and create a schedule.

A range of outdoor workshops taught the importance of movement and physical activity, particularly as a great way to relieve stress.

Students had the opportunity to develop their spirituality during a session in the chapel. In another workshop students learned about the power of positive thinking and created their own personal mantra.

Following these incredible experiences, in the afternoon the students got to experience ‘Taster Sessions’, which highlighted all of the amazing opportunities available at St Clare’s.

Students got to explore 30 taster and information sessions, and they had a busy afternoon experiencing all that St Clare’s has to offer. Coding Club, Debating, Duke of Edinburgh, Musical Theatre – there really is something for everyone. Students were encouraged to get involved and sign up for 2020.


By the end of the day, all students were feeling inspired and motivated for 2020!

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