St Clare’s Iso Short Film Festival

The St Clare’s Iso short film festival is open to all students in Years 7-12.

The purpose of the film festival is for you to share some of your experiences over the past couple of months in a creative way. For all of you who have already rewatched all your favourite series and movies, read all the books on the shelf and played online games over and over for days, this might be an amazing solution! The challenge is to push your creativity and skills, despite the current situation, and make some film magic.

You can enter a filmed poetry reading, an animation, a documentary or a short fiction film. It can be funny, sad, informative, educational, or even just a crazy idea that you’ve had. You can film it on your phone, or do something more high-tech. We don’t mind as long as it is engaging and insightful.

You could make a film about what has been going in our world as a result of Covid-19, or it could simply be something that you made whilst you were busy staying home! Get creative!

The only rules are that you must submit a film no longer than 5 minutes, and that it must be submitted by Week 6 of Term 2.

Films will be reviewed by a jury of your teachers and the winners and runners up will all receive prizes.

Here are some examples of short films that might inspire you:

Quarantine Routine

The Great Realisation

Quarantine Stop motion

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