More Native Stingless Bees Arrive

The College welcomed some new members to our community on Thursday 22nd October, with the installation of our second beehive containing more native stingless bees. The installation was the end result of the Year 7 project that took place in Term 4, 2019.

The project required all Year 7 classes to investigate whether the College could sustain a second beehive and where that hive should be located. As the project took place late in the year we had to wait until spring this year to take delivery of the new hive.

Once again, Elke, from Native Stingless Bees, provided us with the hive and spent time with some of the Year 7 and 8 students talking about how to best take care of our new friends. Elke also decided to check out our original hive and decided it would be an ideal time to split the hive.

This was a great learning opportunity as the students got to see inside the hive and some even got to taste a little of the honey. We were all amazed at how the bees react when this process take place. They swarm towards where the hive was located and wait until it is replaced before they hurry back inside the safety of the hive. Truly incredible!

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