Year 7 Science

Term 4 would normally see the entire Year 7 cohort participating in a project involving the native stingless bees. Due to Covid-19, we decided that our project,’ Sustainability – Whose Responsibility?’ would be put aside for 2020 and students would simply focus on the life of the native stingless bee in their Science classes.

As part of their work students have been asked to create prototypes of a native stingless beehive based on the two hives we have in our front garden. There have been a wide variety of designs emerging, with some ‘old school’ paddle pop sticks, through to some very innovative 3D printed prototypes.

We are hoping that our Stage 4 projects will be able to run on schedule in 2021. Year 7 will be involved in a ‘Space’ project in Term 2 and the ‘Sustainability’ project in Term 4, while Year 8 will participate in a ‘People and Technology’ project in Term 3 and a new project built around a ‘Short Film Festival’ in Term 1.

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