Year 9 STEM Students Making Local News Headlines!

Four students from St Clare’s College Waverley entered a competition titled ‘Aussie Student Inventions that Changed the World’ and let’s just say they took it literally!

Congratulations Ezgi Ozer, Bella Angel Otto de Grancy, Bridget Fitzgerald and Zara Dean on their incredible Capturefy invention – a 3D printed trap made of recycled plastic which sits under the grill of the stormwater drain to stop rubbish from entering the ocean.

The entrepreneurial 14-year-olds were highly commended in the competition, sponsored by educational video resource site ClickView. Competition judge Sally Dominguez, an inventor, serial entrepreneur, architect and futurist, was so impressed she is now helping the girls take their invention to market!

“We came up with the idea because I have a drain outside my house and we were looking at how much litter and non-biodegradable stuff was going down the drain every time it rained,” Bridget said.

“We’d like to improve the idea and take it further to help more people everywhere and not just keep it within our school,” said Zara.

As part of the process of taking the design further, the girls have started working on more advanced prototypes and have asked stakeholders including Waverley Council for their feedback.

Named in the Wentworth Courier’s guide to most exciting and inspirational entrepreneurs in eastern suburbs Sydney the girls are set to not only change their lives but the fate of the planet! 

See link in HERE to the full Wentworth Courier news story.

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