Lost Diggers of Fromelles Documentary Launch

In memory of the soldiers who gave their lives at the Battle of Fromelles – July 1916

St Clare’s College students, in collaboration with one of Australia’s best-selling non-fiction authors and TV broadcaster, Patrick Lindsay have launched an extraordinary documentary, which aims to restore the dignity of the diggers who were buried in a mass grave at Pheasant Wood following the Battle of Fromelles which took place on 19 July 1916.

Patrick Lindsay first teamed up with St Clare’s in 2018 when he had the idea to create a film that told the story of Fromelles through the eyes of young women today. He has mentored the students through the process of creating the documentary over a period of nearly three years and the final product is a tribute to his and the students’ collaboration and dedication to the project.

Giving a voice to the families who lost so much, the documentary features relatives of the missing diggers who reflect on the enormous loss caused to their families by the death of their loved ones in the fields of Fromelles. Drone technology is used to outline the immense obstacles our soldiers faced as they were sent across the fields to attack the German trenches.

The documentary focuses a lens on the Shelley family who provide an emotional account in the film of Herbert ‘Nutsy’ Bolt – a pioneer Australian rugby league player, a state representative centre, and soldier who served and fell at the Battle of Fromelles.

Historian Lambis Englezos speaks about his decade-long quest to search for The Lost Diggers of Fromelles. Had it not been for the efforts of Lambis these soldiers would still be lying in the fields of Fromelles and many families around the nation would be left wondering what became of their loved one.

“Through the work of St Clare’s, the future of commemoration and remembrance is assured and in useful hands” – Lambis Englezos

To view this amazing documentary please click here 


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