Year 9 Evangelisation Day

On Wednesday 5 May, Year 9 attended an Evangelisation day at St Ursula’s College. The theme for the day was ‘Made 4 More’ and we spent our time participating in a range of fun activities, games, songs, and prayers. The whole experience was both amusing and educational and we got to experience a range of performers and speakers, interact and make friends with students from other Catholic schools. We heard the amazing singing talent of a St Ursula’s student and the amazing talents of Tommy Francisco. Tommy provided us with an incredible performance and we got to learn all about his journey to becoming a musician and how his faith helped him along the way. He left us with the important message to ‘Never give up on your dreams and have faith in God that he will guide you on the right path!’ We also got to hear from a group of really cool people as they spoke about their own journey and their life and how it impacted and strengthened their faith! Overall it was such a fun experience and we got to meet and interact with a whole bunch of like-minded peers, professionals, and others.

Suki Waddel, Year 9

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