Darkness Into Light

In the early hours of Thursday 13 May, St Clare’s Year 11 and 12 students, along with staff, joined together at Bronte Beach for the ‘Darkness Into Light’ reflection. 

The ‘Darkness into Light’ initiative highlights an extremely significant message aiming to spread awareness of the prevalence of suicide among young Australians and to create positive change in the discussion of mental health. This morning was the start of many more conversations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CGkJCu7Wqc

When people are trapped in times of darkness, it is even the smallest things we can say and do which have a large impact, and can really determine someone’s future. We each have the potential to change someone’s life, bringing them out of the darkness.  For each of us, there will be times when we feel isolated, abandoned, and trapped in darkness. These moments often feel neverending, but this morning we’ve shown ourselves that we can walk through the darkness and into the light. Often when people talk about challenges, they create a picture of walking up a mountain. They will compare life to a challenging climb that through struggling, takes you to the highest point where you gain a new perspective. But often when you are walking up a mountain, you can see what is ahead of you. You can see the top of the hill. And this motivates you, gives you purpose, and provides hope that something better is coming. For people struggling with their mental health, it’s not like walking up a mountain. Battling with mental health is a walk in complete darkness. For individuals who have experienced a time like this, they know that it’s the absence of light that makes the journey unbearable. It is the absence of light that removes any hope for a better future.” Kate O’Sullivan, Ortolana Vice-Captain 

Upon arrival at the College students and staff enjoyed breakfast together, prepared by the College’s student ‘Toastie Chefs’.

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