“Puss In Boots” charms Year 8 Language students

On Tuesday 18 May, Year 8 had the opportunity to watch an Italian and French version of ‘Puss in Boots’. ‘Puss in Boots’ follows the plot of a crafty cat that finds nifty ways to make his master, a poor peasant, rich. He does this by befriending the King of his village, offering him a hunted rabbit, followed by a proposition to meet his master. Throughout the play we see Puss overcome obstacles, outsmart a greedy magician, make new friends, and charm everyone with his fabulous boots. The play was performed by Carousel Theatre, a puppetry company based in Melbourne. Originating in Paris, the Carousel Theatre company has been performing in Australia since 2000. There are 9 shows that the company offers, in a variety of languages German, Italian, French, Spanish and Indonesian.

The play was an excellent chance for Year 8 to expand and apply the knowledge that they have learnt in the classroom. Phrases such as ‘I am, they are, she is, he is’ were said in both languages, Italian and French. Hearing the language spoken, as we have learnt over the term, is extremely different from writing it. ‘Puss and Boots’ helped students to develop their learning skills and explore how the language differs from the page to the spoken language. Overall, ‘Puss and Boots’ was an amazing experience for Year 8 students to develop their language skills, hear spoken French and Italian, and see some amazing characters and costumes on stage.

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