Year 9 Visual Arts Excursion

On Monday 31 May, Year 9 Elective Visual Arts visited the Chinese Garden of Friendship and attended a wheel-thrown pottery workshop at the National Art School. The Chinese Garden of Friendship was very serene and beautiful. The exploration of Chinese architecture and the harmony of man-made structures, natural ponds, and trees was very therapeutic. The natural environment in the Garden was breathtaking and calming. The gardens are based off the Ming Dynasty and contain recognisable traditional Chinese elements, architecture, and patterns such as the pointed hard hill roofs (yìngshāndǐng) and lanterns. The garden explores the balance of things, using the mediums of wood, earth, and water. Here, we completed photography and drawing tasks, which we will use at school for a future printmaking task exploring the conventions of Chinese landscapes.

The pottery experience at the National Art school was very engaging and messy. First, our instructor, Linda, taught us how to make simple pot structures. Centering the clay, bracing, and shaping it was much harder than Linda made it seem. After a lot of trial and error, and help from the staff, we were able to get used to making simple ceramic forms. Making the base was one of the hardest things in pottery and one of the messiest. Once we were more confident with the process, we could experiment a little and try to create our pots into different shapes. This is when we let our creativity loose! I started experimenting with ‘abstract’ and curvy shapes in my pots and started branching out from the perfect straight pot. The excursion was such a fun experience and was beautiful, the experience was one of a kind and was definitely my favourite excursion so far.

Selina Nguyen
Year 9

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