St Clare’s College follows policies of the Sydney Catholic Schools as well as maintaining our own policies.


The wellbeing of every St Clare’s girl is our highest priority.

Youth Ministry

St Clare’s College Youth Ministry offers opportunities for our young women to engage with many varied experiences of faith, service and community.

Uniform and Grooming

The College Uniform identifies the student with the College.  It is worn to the College daily and must also be worn to College functions out of school hours, when required. All uniform articles other than school shoes and sports shoes ​must​ be purchased from the College Uniform Shop.  Item Requirement Junior Uniform Years 7-10  Term 1 and 4 – Summer dress  Term 2 and 3 – Winter tunic, white College blouse, College Blazer  Senior Uniform Years 11-12  Terms 1 to 4 – College Senior skirt, white College blouse. Blazer to be worn… Read More

College Houses

St Clare’s College has vertical homerooms based on a House system. There are four College Houses: Claverie, Deakin, Keady and Reid. Each House is named after significant individuals or places linked to our Franciscan tradition and heritage. Students participate in a range of activities and competitions that promote a strong sense of school spirit and belonging to their House. Students are actively encouraged to be involved in House based activities. Claverie (Red and Black) Claverie House proudly bears the name of Mother M Gabriel Claverie, Principal of St Clare’s College from 1936-1963…. Read More