Battle of Fromelles – 105 years on!

105 years ago, over 5000 young Australian men were killed or wounded in a 24 hour period on the fields of Fromelles.  We remember the sacrifice and the tremendous impact the loss of so many lives had on our nation.  A number of Year 12 students were to participate in the Commemoration Ceremony at the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park but unfortunately was cancelled due to COVID-19. We are excited to announce that French subtitles have been added and for the next 10 days the “Battle of Fromelles” documentary will be on… Read More

Junior Musical Production: Seussical

  Seussical Kids brings together all of Dr Seuss’ much loved characters into one story. The cast and crew of St Clare’s Junior Production brought the characters alive, they lit up the stage with their immense talent.  It was a stellar performance by everyone involved – congratulations!

Year 8 Students Visit the MCA

On Tuesday 16 June, half of Year 8 St Clare’s students journeyed to Circular Quay to explore The Museum of Contemporary Art. During the excursion, the students were able to experience various abstract and contemporary artworks. The artworks ranged from the forms of sculpture,  digital representations, Indigenous and Aboriginal art, recycled materials, photography, and many more. Throughout the day, as well as having occasional food breaks, the students learned and listened to their tour guides about the different types of art and their meanings. As well as being able to participate in… Read More

Year 9 Visual Arts Excursion

On Monday 31 May, Year 9 Elective Visual Arts visited the Chinese Garden of Friendship and attended a wheel-thrown pottery workshop at the National Art School. The Chinese Garden of Friendship was very serene and beautiful. The exploration of Chinese architecture and the harmony of man-made structures, natural ponds, and trees was very therapeutic. The natural environment in the Garden was breathtaking and calming. The gardens are based off the Ming Dynasty and contain recognisable traditional Chinese elements, architecture, and patterns such as the pointed hard hill roofs (yìngshāndǐng) and lanterns. The… Read More

Charingcross Nursing Home Visits

Our Year 12 Studies in Catholic Thought students have been involved in a series of ‘Good Works’ projects as part of their course. One of the projects involved spending time with residents of the Charingfield Aged Care facility assisting with their arts and craft session. As a result of the project, the students have established some great connections with the residents and went back this week to participate in this week’s art and craft session. Covid-19 permitting, we will be there each Tuesday to help bring a little fun and laughter into… Read More

Celebrating 200 Years of Catholic Education

On Monday 24 May, the Archdiocese of Sydney celebrated a Mass marking 200 years of learning in Catholic Schools in Australia. The bicentenary of Catholic education has the national theme of ‘Faith in the future’. The theme reflects the core purpose of Catholic education to form students in their faith, and to provide an education that enables their graduates to make a meaningful contribution to the world.  At St Clare’s we are also reminded of the great commitment made by the Poor Clare Sisters in establishing St Clare’s College in 1884. We… Read More

Autonomous vehicles hit the road!

After 6 weeks of hard work, the iSTEM class completed their robotics assessment today. They were tasked with coding their robots to represent autonomous vehicles that had to drive through a city and collect a passenger at a “Driverless Uber Pickup Zone”. The city included school zones where their robot had to slow down, pedestrian crossings, roundabouts, and one-way streets. The students had 90 minutes to inspect the city design and then code and test their robot. Throughout this term, students have been learning about autonomous vehicles and the future of driverless… Read More

Post-Earth Pioneers Update

Year 7 students met with Dr Eriita Jones today as part of their project “Post-Earth Pioneers”. Based in Adelaide, Dr Eriita Jones is a planetary and space scientist who studies potentially habitable environments on Mars. She spoke to us about the requirements for life beyond our planet, and also her journey from school to where she is today. Some groups then spoke to her about their project so far and asked her questions. She was a fascinating guest speaker and our Year 7 students loved hearing from an Australian space scientist! As… Read More

“Life Hacks” for Year 12

During our Pastoral Care periods, Year 12 students have the opportunity to learn some valuable life skills.  During St Clare’s “Life Hacks” initiative students learn car maintenance, basic cooking skills, and Money Matters: managing personal finances.    

“Puss In Boots” charms Year 8 Language students

On Tuesday 18 May, Year 8 had the opportunity to watch an Italian and French version of ‘Puss in Boots’. ‘Puss in Boots’ follows the plot of a crafty cat that finds nifty ways to make his master, a poor peasant, rich. He does this by befriending the King of his village, offering him a hunted rabbit, followed by a proposition to meet his master. Throughout the play we see Puss overcome obstacles, outsmart a greedy magician, make new friends, and charm everyone with his fabulous boots. The play was performed by… Read More