Biggest Morning Tea

The College community came together on Friday to raise funds for cancer research through ‘The Biggest Morning Tea’ initiative. This was something that had been scheduled for earlier in the year but due to the disruption caused by Covid-19 it was decided we would hold the event when circumstances enabled us to gather as a community. Students contributed both through wearing ‘mufti’ for the day as well as purchasing a plate of food prepared by our Hospitality team. While having to negotiate requirements around food distribution and keeping everyone ‘Covid safe’, we… Read More

Year 8 Maths — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

All our students have been working hard to get back to a normal routine following the extended period of remote learning. One of the benefits for students in our Mathematics classes in Years 7 to 9 was having access to the Maths Pathway program. Maths Pathway allowed our students to continue learning as they would […] via Year 8 Maths — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

Year 12 Biology — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

Our Year 12 Biology students are learning about how to control the spread of infectious diseases, and how poor hygiene has worsened pandemics in the past. As a class we have been learning about the difference between personal hygiene and community hygiene, and why BOTH are necessary to prevent illness. Students learnt how to properly […] via Year 12 Biology — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s  

Year 9 Science — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

Our Year 9 Science students are currently learning about non-infectious diseases, particularly those that affect the nervous system. We have so far learnt about Parkinson’s disease and Cerebral Palsy. Students have also been given the opportunity to research a disease of choice that affects the brain, with some looking at Epilepsy and others examining Alzheimers. […] via Year 9 Science — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

Community and Family Studies — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

We are very pleased to inform the community that the birthing ward of the maternity section of the College was officially opened this morning with great success. Room A24 saw the successful delivery of sixteen ‘newborns’ who will be accompanying their mothers to all of their classes from today through until Thursday of this week. […] via Community and Family Studies — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

Engineered Systems — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

Our Year 8 students have been immersed in the world of coding and drones as part of their work on the module, ‘Engineered Systems’. In 2019 the College received a grant from the Federal Government to start a ‘Girls and Drones’ initiative and this has allowed us to develop the idea through our Year 8 […] via Engineered Systems — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

St Clare’s Iso Short Film Festival

The St Clare’s Iso short film festival is open to all students in Years 7-12. The purpose of the film festival is for you to share some of your experiences over the past couple of months in a creative way. For all of you who have already rewatched all your favourite series and movies, read all the books on the shelf and played online games over and over for days, this might be an amazing solution! The challenge is to push your creativity and skills, despite the current situation, and make some… Read More

Special Parents & Carers Meeting tonight at 5.30pm

Special Parents & Carers Meeting tonight at 5.30pm live streamed on YouTube to the community via the following link In attendance will be College Principal Mrs McGahan, Deputy Principal Mrs McDiarmid and the College Leadership Team. Also in attendance will be representatives from the Parents’ Association Executive. We invite parents & carers to be a part of this meeting as we discuss what Term 2 and beyond may look like. We invite parents and carers to submit your questions via the Parent & Carers Google Form. All questions will be addressed at the meeting. There… Read More

Year 8 Drought Project Review— Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

At the end of Term 1 our Year 8 students finalised their innovative solutions to the cross-curricular project titled “How can we survive a drought?”. This project had begun 8 weeks prior, with a launch day in which students were exposed to the realities of Day Zero. They heard real stories of people living in […] via Year 8 Drought Project — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

Updates on Coronavirus

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