Year 7 History

This term all Year Seven students have been working on their History Assessment Task. We have been working really hard looking up lots of information on our chosen topic. We had to choose one out of four topics, After Life and the Gods, Mummification, Royal Family/Leadership and Architecture. We worked in groups of three to five students. We had to make a sculpture and write an information card on our chosen topic. My group and chose Mummification. We made a mummy, an Egyptian mask, canopic jars and mummified animals. Year Seven put… Read More


At Holy Family Maroubra on Friday 12th May, youth from Sydney Catholic Schools came together for an evening of worship, adoration and song. This is one of a number of events in the lead up to the Australian Catholic Youth Festival taking place in December this year.   The special guest for the evening was US songwriter and youth minister, Steve Angrisano.

Archbishop Student Forum

Last Friday two of our senior students attended a student forum at Notre Dame University. Archbishop Fisher and Bishop Umbers were the special guests at the forum. The forum commenced with His Grace inviting the students to discuss the challenges and blessings of leadership. Both His Grace and Bishop Umbers responded to these issues reflecting on their own experiences as leaders within the Catholic Church. Both affirmed the work being done by our young leaders in our schools. This was followed by a Q and A session where students could direct questions… Read More

Parents’ Association Meeting

Parents and Carers are invited to attend the Parents’ Association Meeting on Tuesday, 9 May commencing at 6pm in the Library Mezzanine. Mrs McGahan, College Principal, will report on the year to date with a look at what’s ahead, followed by the President’s Report from Mr Jack Simos.  We aim to conclude the meeting by 7pm.

Year 8 Wide Reading 2017

Last term, Year 8 was given the task to select a book from the library and create a ‘showbag’ for it. To do this, we had to read our book of choice, and create a bag filled with a book review, photos, character cards and almost anything related to the book. I was amazed by the creative things that my classmates put into their showbags. There were advertisements, souvenirs from the hometowns of the characters, and even plans for film adaptations. In conclusion, I enjoyed this assessment task thoroughly, because it exercised… Read More

Mother’s Day Mass Invitation 15 May

Gamification Update

In an earlier post we briefly acknowledged an outstanding response to a recent Religion task by Janice and Annabelle, two of our Year 9 students. Over the break they went to the trouble of presenting a walkthrough of their game to further showcase the possibilities that games have in the learning process.

2017 Athletics Carnival Video

Thanks to Beatrice Tekiko, Year 11/12 for making this fabulous video of our fun day!

ANZAC Day Assembly

Teaching and Learning Research

We are constantly looking at different methods of teaching and learning at St Clare’s that we think will enhance the learning opportunities for our students. Over the break we we upgraded a number of classrooms but with one we tried something a little different. The room has movable ‘writable desks’ which allow students to share and develop ideas by writing directly on the surface of the tables. This has proven successful in the Mezzanine space in the Library and now we are incorporating these tables across the College in a number of… Read More