Gamification Update

In an earlier post we briefly acknowledged an outstanding response to a recent Religion task by Janice and Annabelle, two of our Year 9 students. Over the break they went to the trouble of presenting a walkthrough of their game to further showcase the possibilities that games have in the learning process.

2017 Athletics Carnival Video

Thanks to Beatrice Tekiko, Year 11/12 for making this fabulous video of our fun day!

ANZAC Day Assembly

Teaching and Learning Research

We are constantly looking at different methods of teaching and learning at St Clare’s that we think will enhance the learning opportunities for our students. Over the break we we upgraded a number of classrooms but with one we tried something a little different. The room has movable ‘writable desks’ which allow students to share and develop ideas by writing directly on the surface of the tables. This has proven successful in the Mezzanine space in the Library and now we are incorporating these tables across the College in a number of… Read More

More Year 7 Camp Highlights

We are still putting together a lot of the moments captured from the recent Year 7 Camp. One of the most popular activities was ‘The Big Swing’. Here is some of the action. It certainly took some of the students out of their comfort zone!

College Athletics Carnival

Our annual Athletics Carnival was held at ES Marks Athletic Field on Friday 31st March. It was a wonderful day that typified the great spirit we have here at St Clare’s. The day was highlighted by a high level of participation from all Houses along with some amazing performances from a number of our elite athletes. The day would not have been as successful without the hard work of Mr Paul Arundel and our PDHPE staff. Here are some highlights from the day’s activities.

Gamification in Year 9 Religion

Our Year 9 students recently completed a task involving interpretation of the Psalms. Options for presentation were left to the students and given the talent of many of the girls at St Clare’s it was no surprise to see some amazing creativity demonstrated. One of the standout presentations was created by Janice and Annabelle. Their interpretation of Psalm 8 was through the use of Unity. Unity is an open source cross-platform game engine that allows users to create games that can be played on more than twenty-seven platforms. Both Janice and Annabelle… Read More

Year 7 Camp: Raft Building

This short video show how tough the conditions were at different stages of the Year 7 Camp. Our girls showed great resilience to battle through the conditions for the ‘raft building’ task on Collaroy Beach.

Day 2 Highlights Afternoon Session

More highlights from the Year 7 Camp at Collaroy. This afternoon we took on a number of the rope courses located around the property of the Collaroy Centre.

Day 2 Morning Session Highlights

Some of the action from today’s morning session of the Year 7 Camp at Collaroy.