Maths Pathway — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

At the start of this year we introduced the Maths Pathway program into Year 7 and subsequently to Year 8 at the start of this term. Maths Pathway is an individualised program that allow students to access content as they are ready for it. Using Maths Pathway is a radical shift away from the more […] via Maths Pathway — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

Netball Finals — Sport@St Clare’s

Congratulations to all players and coaches involved in the grand finals of the St Catherine’s Term 2 Netball Competition held last night. These are the results of the games our teams were involved in. St Clare’s 13 won 27-2 against St Clare’s 14 St Clare’s 12 won 14-2 against St Vincent’s St Clare’s 10 lost […] via Netball Finals — Sport@St Clare’s

Table Tennis Australian Championships

Jesslyn Wijaya, Year 11, is going to represent NSW at the 2019 Australian Junior Table Tennis Championship at Wollongong from Friday 5 July – 14 July 2019. The St Clare’s College community wishes her well!

Space STEM Project Update — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

Our Year 7 Newman class are well underway on their ‘Mars Mission’. This term they have been working on a Space STEM project investigating the driving question, ‘Can You Live on Mars?’ The students have been working in teams to firstly, investigate how they will get to Mars and then what they will need to […] via Space STEM Project Update — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

Open Afternoon

Despite the inclement weather we had quite a few families spending time touring the College yesterday afternoon. They were able to see what happens at the College during a normal school day, which is something a little different from most schools. We are very proud of what is happening inside the walls of St Clare’s College and love the opportunity to showcase the wonderful learning that happens every day. The next chance to tour the College will be on Wednesday 31st July (6pm – 7:30pm). This will be an opportunity for those… Read More

microSHOWER — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

Our winning Tear 8 team from the recent STEAMPunk Girls project have continued working on their product as part of their involvement in the AI for Good Challenge. Participation in the Challenge run, by the Education Changemakers team, allowed the students to further develop their prototype. The students are aiming high and looking to see […] via microSHOWER — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

Farming at St Clare’s — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

The Cow incursion was an interesting and memorable experience for all Year 7 students at the College. Every student had the opportunity to milk a cow, help make different dairy products, get a photo taken with a baby cow named Penny and a photo whilst we were milking a cow. The owners of the Smart […] via Farming at St Clare’s — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

Running For Premature Babies

On Sunday 21st of May, four of our St Clare’s girls and two of their awesome parents ran in the SMH Half Marathon. Sophie Khov of Year 10 partnered up with Ashley Lowe of Year 10, Isabella Vasilliou of Year 8 partnered up with her mum Kate Vasiliou and Lily Haugh of Year 7 partnered up with her dad Anthony Haugh. The Running For Premature Babies (RFPB) is a foundation started by Sophie Smith and her late husband Ashley after losing their triplet sons Henry, Jasper and Evan who were born prematurely…. Read More

2019 Photographic Competition

The 2019 Photograph Competition is now open to all staff and students of St Clare’s College! You can use any type of photographic device – from DSLR cameras, mobile phones to film cameras! It is an opportunity to express yourself through images with the visual language of light and colour. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert – all are welcome to join in the fun! There are six categories including; Portrait, Landscape, Architectural, Street, Macro and Abstract. The competition winners will be announced on Thursday 8 August… Read More

Cow Day!

Today our Year 7 TAS students are enjoying a mobile Dairy Classroom provided by A Smart Farmer