Stingless Bee Garden

In 2018 our Year 7.1 students participated in a STEM project as part of our partnership with Sydney University’s STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy. The driving question for the project was, ‘Sustainability: Whose Responsibility?’ with the focus of the project being our native stingless bees. The result of the project was the installation of a native stingless bee hive in our beautiful front garden. The hive has now been in place for six months and our bees are thriving in their new home. The native stingless bee does not produce the same volume… Read More


The College has a comprehensive sports program that caters for the needs of all students. The CGSSSA (Catholic Girls Secondary Schools Sports Association) caters for those students who are working to reach the elite levels of school sport. CGSSSA offers a pathway to all major representative levels. For those students who are simply looking to keep fit and be part of a team then co-curricular opportunities include, touch football, water polo, basketball, netball, badminton and indoor soccer. Co-curricular sport takes place outside of school hours, eg., weekday afternoons and/or Saturday mornings. Students… Read More

After the Bell – focusing on teenage safety

St Clare’s College has partnered with various schools in the Eastern Suburbs as we believe there is enormous value and potential in schools collaborating and sharing ideas and resources to support our community, in particular, our students. Our key focus is working together to raise awareness and provide parents with strategies to help them manage risky teenage behaviour. We believe that it is important for parents to see that our schools stand united, with shared values on social issues. As such, you are invited to attend a presentation “After the Bell” (see attached… Read More

Redesigning the Technology Classroom — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

Our current Year 11 Design and Technology students have been involved in an ongoing project throughout 2018 looking at redesigning the RO2 Technology classroom. The current classroom is no longer suitable for the requirements of the students and the students have submitted individual proposals for the refurbishment of the space. This process actually began back […] via Redesigning the Technology Classroom — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

Crowd Funding Our Fromelles Documentary — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

A group of our Year 9 History students spent time with our mentor, Patrick Lindsay to look at ways we can fund the production of our own documentary on the Battle of Fromelles. The idea for the documentary came from Patrick after the initial workshop we had to launch the Fromelles project with the 9.1 […] via Crowd Funding Our Fromelles Documentary — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

UNSW Sunsprint Day 1 — UNSW Sunsprint Challenge

We arrived at UNSW this morning with high hopes for a great day of solar car racing. Initially the weather was quite promising with bright light and the odd patch of sunshine but this quickly disappeared to be replaced with heavy cloud and intermittent showers. Not ideal for racing solar cars. Teams from all schools […] via UNSW Sunsprint Day 1 — UNSW Sunsprint Challenge

Year 8 Science Excursion — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

On Thursday the 23rd of August, Year 8 students had a Science excursion to Connell’s Botany Bay National Park. It was a hands on experience exploring the concepts of biotic and abiotic factors, and where we learned how to collect data. The day commenced with a brief introduction and summary of our schedule, where we […] via Year 8 Science Excursion — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

Latest Sports News

The latest information for all sport at the College will be located on the College Sports website and listed below as it becomes available throughout 2019. St Clare’s College Water Polo 2019 Term 1 2019 St Catherine’s Basketball Draw  


The Coding Club commenced in the second half of 2017 as a way of generating interest in coding amongst our students. There was a good response to this initiative and we are building on that foundation throughout 2019. In 2018 we joined with Apple and the Coder Academy as part of a pilot project to look at ways coding can be integrated into the classroom. We launched a pilot project which had its focus on app development for iOS. The students used Xcode 9 to learn how to build an app from… Read More

2018 Open Day

The College Open Day will take place on Tuesday 6th March from 2:30pm-6pm. This will be a wonderful opportunity to experience all the College can offer your daughter. College tours will be available throughout the afternoon. Registration is not required. There will be a number of exhibitions on display providing opportunities for discussions with both staff and students.