UNSW Sunsprint Day 1 — UNSW Sunsprint Challenge

We arrived at UNSW this morning with high hopes for a great day of solar car racing. Initially the weather was quite promising with bright light and the odd patch of sunshine but this quickly disappeared to be replaced with heavy cloud and intermittent showers. Not ideal for racing solar cars. Teams from all schools […] via UNSW Sunsprint Day 1 — UNSW Sunsprint Challenge

Year 8 Science Excursion — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

On Thursday the 23rd of August, Year 8 students had a Science excursion to Connell’s Botany Bay National Park. It was a hands on experience exploring the concepts of biotic and abiotic factors, and where we learned how to collect data. The day commenced with a brief introduction and summary of our schedule, where we […] via Year 8 Science Excursion — Authentic Learning at St Clare’s

Latest Sports News

The latest information for all sport at the College will be located on the College Sports website and listed below as it becomes available throughout 2020.    


Coding is a major focus of the College, particularly in our Stage 4 classes. We have been building momentum over the past few years and coding is now an integral part of learning in a number of subjects. In 2017 the Coding Club commenced as a way of generating interest in coding amongst our students. The level of interest was small but we had a core group of students keen to learn more about the various coding languages. In 2018 we joined with Apple and the Coder Academy as part of a… Read More

2018 Open Day

The College Open Day will take place on Tuesday 6th March from 2:30pm-6pm. This will be a wonderful opportunity to experience all the College can offer your daughter. College tours will be available throughout the afternoon. Registration is not required. There will be a number of exhibitions on display providing opportunities for discussions with both staff and students.


The College is an official Partner School in University of Sydney’s STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy. The STEM Academy provides an opportunity for schools to send up to six staff to be trained in how to effectively integrate STEM strategies into the classroom. At the end of 2017 six of the College staff spent three days at the Women’s College at Sydney University immersing themselves in all things STEM. It was certainly an interesting experience as they were exposed to a wide range of strategies for incorporating STEM into our Maths, Science and… Read More

Enrolment Policy

Authentic Learning

Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese are called to nurture students’ love of learning through a Catholic pedagogy that fosters the development of the intellect, moral knowledge, understanding and reasoning in a relational, social and cultural context. (Archbishops Charter for Catholic Schools, 2011) In 2015 Sydney Catholic Schools launched their Statement on Authentic Learning. This document provides a framework for the type of learning that should be taking place within a Catholic school. Authentic Learning is learning which is relevant, purposeful and engaging. It is learning that connects students to the world around… Read More


Over the past four years the College has made a concerted effort to expose our students to a wide range of STEM related activities. In 2017 we partnered with Sydney University’s STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy and this provided great momentum for the projects that are currently running in the College. The UNSW Sunsprint Challenge is one of our major co-curricular STEM activities. The Sunsprint Challenge is run by the Photovoltaic School at UNSW. The event always coincides with the Open Day held at the start of September each year. The Challenge has… Read More

Parent Communication

We believe that communication between home and school is critical. For this to be effective, we ask that parents and carers be mindful that school life is very busy. However there are things that will assist in ensuring that communication is always clear, transparent and reasonable. Consequently, to ensure clarity around communication whether it is by face to face meetings, phone, or email, families and students are reminded that teachers are not on call 24/7. Any communication with teachers should be done between 8.00am and 4.00pm. Communication outside these times is done… Read More